Lightbox Signs

Present your promotional message in a new light

Popular for use indoors and outdoors, lightboxes from Image360 Calgary South feature a full-colour panel with branding or promotional messaging that’s brightly illuminated from the rear of the sign with energy-efficient LEDs (light emitting diodes) or incandescent bulbs.

Often used by businesses, schools, churches, and restaurants, custom lightboxes from Image360 are also employed in airports, arenas, hospitals, malls, stadiums, and stores – anywhere you’d like to attract attention and deliver an informational or marketing message.

With Image360, you’ll choose from lightboxes of all sizes, lighting options and cabinet types – including those with snap frames that let you easily swap-out images. We’ll assist you in creating the advertising or branding message you wish to feature. Letters and graphics are one option; high-definition photographs are another. What’s more, as your full-service custom graphics and signage resource, we can also help you with the installation of your new lightbox sign.

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 Impressive lightbox signage to get your business noticed.
Starting up a new business, with  effective signage your brand can increase market reach and grab a lot of customers.
Lightbox Signs are an asset for retail businesses heading with all of our dark winter days in Calgary.
Lightbox Signs are extremely impactful and legible with a black and white background  and font colour combination
Lightbox Signs
LB001 - Custom Lightbox for Retail
LB031 - Custom Lightbox for Retail
LB029 - Custom Lightbox for Retail
LB026 - Custom Lightbox for Entertainment
LB017 - Custom Lightbox for Healthcare
LB016 - Custom Lightbox for Retail
LB015 - Custom Lightbox for Non-Profits & Associations
LB014 - Custom Lightbox for Non-Profits & Associations
LB013 - Custom Lightbox for Non-Profits & Associations
LB009 - Custom Lightbox for Event Planning
LB007 - Custom Lightbox for Interior Design
LB005 - Custom Lightbox for Healthcare
LB004 - Custom Lightbox for Retail
LB003 - Custom Lightbox for Retail
LB002 - Custom Lightbox for Retail