Privacy Window Film

Use on any glass surface to create a customized visual experience in restaurants, offices and educational spaces

Step into any modern office space, and you'll see the trend is having an open floor plan that tends to use large glass panes and windows to seperate spaces instead of solid walls.

But how can you keep a bright, open-air feel while still maintaining a sense of security?

For Facility Managers, Contractors, Architects and Interior Designers, the smart choice is by applying window privacy film.

Image360 Calgary South is proud to be an installer of a wide selection of privacy films and decorative window glass films and can offer the right solution to meet your needs and budget:

Enhance Your Interior Spaces

Window privacy films can give the plain glass in your office the look of frosted glass, etched glass or texturized glass -- at a fraction of the price of replacement!  

Keep Prying Eyes Out

Have a conference room with a large glass wall? Need to hide a sensitive area from visitors? Privacy window films that give the appearance of frosted glass are a great way to add security to a space without sacrificing any incoming light.

Reinforce Your Company's Brand

By using a vinyl that mimics etched, dusted or frosted glass, we can add your company's logo, tagline or other branding elements to doors and windows with a one of a kind appearance.

Secure Your Storefront

If you're looking for added protection for your property, employees and visitors, we also offer window films that can help to hold broken glass together in the event of a break-in or explosion.

Let The Natural Light In

Window films can also be applied to exterior windows to allow natural light to flow deeper into your space, thus helping to reduce the need for articifical lighting and helping to save money.

No matter what your decorative and privacy window glass film needs are, rely on our team for outstanding service -- all the way from measuring to design and installation.

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Frosted office window with the company logo cut out
Privacy Window Film looks great on conference room or offices
Window Decals, Signage & Graphics add a touch of class to your conference room windows and doors
Frosted windows add a touch of class and privacy to any meeting room.
Privacy Window Film
Privacy Window Film
Full door privacy window film
You can still advertise your company name, while creating privacy into your office area.
Looking to enhance your home windows, while still keeping a bright open air feel and maintaining a sense of security and privacy,  add frosted window film
Looking to enhance your home windows, while still keeping a bright open air feel and maintaining a sense of security and privacy,  add frosted window film
Cover your boardroom windows with frosted window film for privacy.
Privacy Window Film -- keep a bright, open-air feel while still maintaining a sense of security